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Hey Rita  / Wilma Williams (mom)  Read >>
Hey Rita  / Wilma Williams (mom)
Hey Rita, just sitting here thinking about you. Hope Heaven is wonderful to you. I miss you so much, the holiday's are coming and my biggest wish can't come true. That would be to have you back home with Daddy, Sabrina, Lil Harry and I. I just want you to know I LOVE YOU. MOMMY MISSES YOU SO MUCH. What is life with out my baby daughter. I love you. Until we meet again. Love Mommy Close
Love you!  / Pinky (BEST FRIENDS )  Read >>
Love you!  / Pinky (BEST FRIENDS )
Hey Rita,
Your birthday was sunny and relaxing. I spent my last dime buying you balloons and stuff to put on your grave, so you owe! Your true friends and family in South Jersey hooked your grave up gurl! I know you loved it. After I went to spend the day with your lazy mother..what's that Rita..Aunt Wilma and I should go jogging..why yes, that is a great idea!! She's going to pretend like she didn't read it I was hoping for a better turn out this yr but its better anyway that fake ppl don't visit you. 
What a surprise.. Ashlie B. has come out of hiding. Hello there ol Anytime you would like to stop by, the fam is still on the same block.  You were more of a friend to Rita in your nonexsistence than some who she chilled with before she was taken from us. Anyway, Rita the case is going to be solved really soon.My facts are not from any paper or word of mouth, I get my info from the Lord above. Our prayers will be answered and any one who was involved in any way will pay! I don't stress or worry. All I do is pray. I am asking that everyone else do the same. In honor of a beautiful Angel.
The strongest bond that any pair could have.. we had.. and we are going to pick up right where we left off when we meet again..Lovin you and missin you so much<3  Close
Missing You  / Linda Thomas-Boyd (Aunt)  Read >>
Missing You  / Linda Thomas-Boyd (Aunt)
Rita, it breaks my heart to see your mom so down and feeling so helpless.  May God bless her and keep her strong.  This is such a travesty and we don't know the Plan in all this, but hopefully we can remain strong and the truth will be told.  We'll NEVER give up!  Your parents and Little Harry and Sabrina have such a void that will never be filled except for the loving arms of God.  May He bless them and keep them safe.  Love always. Close
October 14, 2007  / WILMA WILLIAMS (MOM)  Read >>
October 14, 2007  / WILMA WILLIAMS (MOM)
Dear Rita, I'm sitting downstairs on a Sunday evening and I just started to cry for you, I miss your voice and your laugh so much. I just want to see you again, my heart still misses you so much. I don't why this happened, why my child is gone and I can't hear her voice anymore, this is so hard, I just want you to come back so bad, life isn't the same, daddy doesn't care about anything anymore, not even his health, I don't what to do, I'll watch your tape even though it make me cry so much. Please Rita, Mommy misses and you and needs you so much. I love you, my dear child, my poor innocent child. I hope to see you again when I leave this earth but until then whoever did this to you has broken my heart. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, LOVE FOREVER AND EVER MOMMY. Close
Happy Belated Birthday  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )  Read >>
Happy Belated Birthday  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )
Hey Rita Boo...sorry I missed your birthday..lame excuse, but I was not able to get to a technically I didn't miss it...just a late "card" for you. I miss you girl and I thought about you all day yesterday, but you're safe up there...

Anyways, I can't talk much, I am in class (and should maybe be paying attention). I just wanted you to know I didn't forget about you. I miss and love you Rita!

Happy Belated Birthday! Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERITA  / Valerie Carter (Auntie)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERITA  / Valerie Carter (Auntie)

Happy Birthday! 

We love you and miss you so much.  

Love Auntie, Ree, Manny and Synai Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY!  / WILMA Williams (mom)  Read >>
Lord I pray you are looking after Sherita up in Heaven Above

Hey Sherita HAPPY BIRTHDAY from US
RITA! I MISS U  / Paige Chuplis (lil sis - friend )  Read >>
RITA! I MISS U  / Paige Chuplis (lil sis - friend )
DAM RITA i miss u baby girl. i still cant believe ur gone and it been almost 4 years...i love u girl and i cant wait to see you!! MUAHZZZZZ dont forget bout me big head..we stayin strong and everything i do is for you sis!! love ya Close
I Pray Everyday For You  / WILMA WILLIAMS (MOM)  Read >>
I Pray Everyday For You  / WILMA WILLIAMS (MOM)
I pray everyday that the Lord will reveal things to us that you already know, about who could have done this horrible thing to you, we are getting closer to the truth and I just ask God for Patience because Rita you know that me and you don't have much. LOL. I love you little girl when I see people walking down the street especially teenage girls I think of you, it's crazy but many times I wish it was you, just coming back home and all of this is just a terrible nightmare. Well Molly, I Love You, I Miss You, and I just want you next to me. I pray the good Lord is taking care of you and that you are looking after me, Daddy, Sabrina and Little Harry. I Love You, Mommy oxoxoxoxoxo Close
love you Rita, Love Ashley Doyle  / Ashley Doyle (1 of her best friends )  Read >>
love you Rita, Love Ashley Doyle  / Ashley Doyle (1 of her best friends )
 Hey mama's...
I miss you dearly , I always look at all my pictures of us. All them fun nights dressin up. Oh how I wish we could do that again . One day right?? I love you babygirl . See you one day in Heaven , xoxoxox   never forgotten
Just thinking...  / Karla Bierbach (Close Friend )  Read >>
Just thinking...  / Karla Bierbach (Close Friend )
Hey girl,
  I know it has been awhile, but I was just at Ashley's the other day and we were talking all about you...just everything. I miss you, but I am confident that what I heard may be true and you are possibly able to rest in peace finally. I could say much more...I'd probably get mad and curse at the screen though, but you know what I am thinking. I just miss, good times! I love you Rita Close
God is still in control  / Kate Harris (friend)  Read >>
God is still in control  / Kate Harris (friend)

Sherita, you have been on my mind! I have been praying for Justice!

This world we live in... gets crazier everyday! God knows.
 The bible says in Numbers 32:23
But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and
be sure your sin will find you out.
God knows what happened on Novemeber 28th 2003, He wasn't in shock by what was happening. He was completely in control. 
Psalm 18:30
As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him

In his time, he will reveal everything, I believe down to the minutes.
Whether we are on the mountain top or in the valley, God is still good. Whether we understand His choices, God is still good. 

I am sure right now, Sherita is chillin in her mansion, just finishing up breakfast with Jesus, waiting to hang out with Esther and hear again how she helped save her people from the king. I am sure she is just overwhelmed in happiness as she roams around heaven on those golden streets. If she could tell you anything right now, I bet she would say, if you only knew the time I am having!!! Amen! One glorious day, only by his grace, I'll see you there~

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee
Isaiah 41:13 

11 Corinthians 12:9

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 

God is still good!!

You're in my thoughts!  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)  Read >>
You're in my thoughts!  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)
I'm thinking about you alot today.  Just want to say miss you sooooo much and love you soooooooo much. Will write again soon.  Love, Aunt Vicky Close
My Beloved Daughter  / WILMA WILLIAMS (Mother)  Read >>
My Beloved Daughter  / WILMA WILLIAMS (Mother)
Hey Rita, I'm stressing all the time for some reason right now, I miss you more right now. I am continuing to pray its all over soon, in my gut I feel it will be. Time is just flying by, daddy and I went to the cemetary on Friday it felt good to be there, I just sat on a bench and look at your gravesite, feeling comfort I was nearer to you at that moment. Something is going to happen soon Rita and then this nightmare will be over for us, but not the pain of losing you, I love you so much and was so glad Sabrina finally wrote to you, but it takes time for some people, we'll I have to go now, Missing and Loving you forever and forever, Mommy oxoxoxoxo Close
So Sorry.  / Janice L.   Read >>
So Sorry.  / Janice L.

I am sorry to hear about the lost of this precious child.
I am trying to make a difference for you and others.
Please visit.


Hey SIS  / Sabrina Thomas (Sister)  Read >>
Hey SIS  / Sabrina Thomas (Sister)
Hey Rita,
This is my first time writing to you on the website...It's so hard for me too do it right now that I am crying at work. Many people don't understand why I never did... But i'm sure you do.
I just want to let you know that I love you and miss you soooooo much.
Love ya Big sister
Beenah Close
**Dear Mrs. Wilma**  / Ashlei B. (Always Always close friends )  Read >>
**Dear Mrs. Wilma**  / Ashlei B. (Always Always close friends )
Hello Wilma,
I was recently on Sherita's memorial page, reading and writing my own feelings, and I decided to write you as well.
Its Ashlei Bernstein, I hope you still remember me :)
I used to live across from you guys on Gross Ave.

I just want to offer support and love to you, Harry, Sabrina, and little Harry. I miss all of you. I can only imagine what everything has been like to deal with through all of this.
I think about all of you alot, more than you think.
I think about Rita everyday, at least for 5 mins. I feel very guilty because when I moved, Rita and I lost touch.
I wish I couldve had more time with her. We were always very close, and your family was always very warm and inviting to me. Thank you for that.

Its very disturbing that nothing has been closed, that this is still open and a mystery. Its frusterating, and it makes peace much harder to obtain.
Please write me back, if its not too hard, and update me on whats been going on, not just with this, but you and how you are and how the fam is.
I work in Camden, and on my lunch break today I actually drove by the old house on Gross Ave, and then drove by your house. Dont take this the wrong way, but Rita is all over that house. I just felt it. I miss you and I miss her.

hope to hear from you soon
Love Ashlei Close
I wish..  / Ashlei B. (Always Always close friends )  Read >>
I wish..  / Ashlei B. (Always Always close friends )
Dear Rita,
I miss you. 
You always made me smile. I wish we couldve had more time together. I will always remember laughing with you, all of our jokes, you doing my hair, us chillin at the park, our sleepovers, walkin to Rita's to get water ice(that was like, our favorite thing to do in the summer, lol)
Even though you were younger than me, it didnt matter. We were on the same level. When I moved, we lost touch. Im sorry for that.
I thank GOD sooo much for that last day that I saw you when i came back to Pennsauken to visit you.
That was the last time I saw you.
I remember it being sooo important to me, because that was the day that I saw you all grown up. You grew into such a beautiful girl, oh my god. I remembered you before when you were only 11 or 12. You definetely grew into your beauty. As I write this, its very hard to hold back tears. 
That day you gave me some recent pictures of you. I have them in my room, and i literally look at them everyday. 
I still have that stuffed animal that you signed for me before I moved to TWP.  Its very sentimental to me, because about 10 ppl signed that dog, and YOUR MESSAGE "ILL MISS YOU" AND YOUR NAME WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT STAYED ON IT ALL THESE YEARS. All of the other names faded. Its very odd, but I think it was meant to be like that.
I have saved every single newspaper clipping that has to do with you. I want so badly to go and see  your family. I dont know what to say or how to act. It doesnt mean that I think about how they are, and wish them comfort and peace, even though thru all of this, that is very hard. I miss your mom the most.
I want to know what happened to you. You were too young. 
But you were too good for this world. You're shining your light down on us now.

... I'll see you again some day...
Love, Ash
Just Because  / Wilma Williams (mother)  Read >>
Just Because  / Wilma Williams (mother)

Sherita, I'm always on your website everyday, just want to say I love and miss you dearly, we are planning another march, but don''t worry your case will be solved. The family is still the same, missing you and trying to cope. We have problems, but I believe when your case is solved, much of the stress in this family will go away. i'm just sitting her thinking about you and how you use to walk down that hallway upstairs, always there, always comfortable in your house, comfortable in your bedroom. I love you so much and still can't after all this time believe you are gone, I guess I'm selfish but I want you back home here. I often think about whay you would be doing if you were still here, I know one thing for sure, you would have been sharp, cause you were always together. (you know what I mean), well until next time Molly, I Love You, I Miss You and certainly will never Forget You. Love Mommy

2007 Memorial Walk In Your Honor  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)  Read >>
2007 Memorial Walk In Your Honor  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)
Hi Rita,
We are once again having another Justice for Peace walk in your honor.  The walk will take place on June 23, 2007 at 2pm.  Same location and time.  I hope your case is solved soon so this can be our last walk in your honor.  Its been almost 4 years and nobody has been arrested and convicted for your crime.  I'm hoping 2007 is the year for that.

My family is okay and everyone loves and misses you so much.  Its very hard to believe that you're not with us anymore.  but we all know your case will be solved soon.

My prayers are with you and your mom, dad, sabrina and lil harry (he's not so little anymore, harry got real tall).  And I know I will see you again in Heaven.  

I will write again soon,
Aunt Vicky  Close
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