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Happy 19th Birthday!  / Aunt Vicky (Aunt)  Read >>
Happy 19th Birthday!  / Aunt Vicky (Aunt)
Sherita, my typing was too large last time so I had to redo.  Happy 19th Birthday!  Miss you & love you so much!!! May God continually bless you & the family.  Love, Aunt Vicky Close
Happy 19th Birthday!!!  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)  Read >>
Happy 19th Birthday!!!  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)
Sherita,  Happy Birthday!  Miss you baby!  You are forever in my heart.  May God continually bless you & the family.  Love, Aunt Vicky Close
Happy Birthday Cuz! I LUV U  / Valerie Thomas (Cousin)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Cuz! I LUV U  / Valerie Thomas (Cousin)

Hey Sherita! Its your cuz Tugg once again... cant get enough of me! lol But I just wanna say Happy 19th Birthday! And u are truly missed, i wish u were here to tell me how it feels to be 19yrs old like u used to tell me how it feels to be another year older! (being that im rite behind you) But don't you worry because you have your fam and friends here to celebrate these years for you! You are NEVER forgotten and Truly missed!! Forever in our memories...!! I will see you one day. We will remain cousins no matter what, even after death! Smile for us Rita! We love you babygirl! 
Love always, 

Happy Birthday Rita Rit  / Candy Thomas (cousin)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Rita Rit  / Candy Thomas (cousin)
Happy Birthday Rita! I miss you. I wish you could of been here on your 19th birthday! Damn you getting old girl or is it just me LOL. Pretty soon you are going to be out of your teenage years. God Bless you Rita. I know you are fine up there in heaven. I still can't beleive you are not here. Keep shining down on us! I see you brought the sun out today b/c it was supposed to rain. I know are not trying to have a wet birthday. You want it to be a beautiful day such as yourself! I hear that Rita! Well Rita today is going to be a blessed day for all of us. So just remember that we all miss you and love you to death! "Can't no one take away our Sunshine!" RIP girl! 

                                                                Love always 
                                                                      Candy Close
Happy 19th Birthday Sunshine!  / Cheri (Godsister)  Read >>
Happy 19th Birthday Sunshine!  / Cheri (Godsister)

Dearest Sherita,
           You have no idea how much I wish you were here so I could wish you a Happy Bithday in person. There are so many things I miss about you I can't even put it all down. One thing I really miss the most is when you would come up to spend the summer with me and we would talk about everything. I miss how you would come in my room and be like "Hi Ree!" You are an irreplacable person in my life and you are truely missed. I love you Godsister and I hope my daughter is just like you. I know you would love "Peanut." 
                                 Love Always & Forever,

Happy Birthday My Angel  / Wilma Williams (Mom)  Read >>
Happy Birthday My Angel  / Wilma Williams (Mom)


 Up in heaven, I'm writing this to you the night before because I don't think I can write this on your birthday, I'm so sad thnking about your birthday. My one wish for you would be for you to be here with me. I love you and miss you so much. It's so hard on my heart. Nobody really understands because I'm your mother. My heart hurts and I weep for you tonight. Please help me be strong tomorrow for your birthday. First thing in the morning I will visit your grave and place balloons and flowers. I wonder what you would have done on your birthday. Well Sherita talk to you soon. Mommy just can't understand this at all. I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU UNTIL I MEET YOU AGAIN. Love Mommy oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

XOXO / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
XOXO / Pinky (Best Friend )
Hey Rita,

I dont have time to write my usual long and drawn out paragraphs lol (But I know you love them sooo much). Im at Drexel doing some research in the comp room and I just had to stop and show my love to you BF.. Beenah bday is 2m.. Its crazy she's so old haha.. YEA I SAID IT.. OLD!! LOl.  Your birthday is also coming up.. I love when your birthday comes around cuz I wear your HAPPY BIRTHDAY shirt that has the worse picture of us but we thought we were the Truth back then lol. We had to be about 11. Anyway, I just came back from the poconos with my job.. It was ok im glad to be bac in Philly!! I miss you so much Ree Ree..Im still having my crazy dreams and never gaining any understanding from them.  Im trying really hard to visit your family every wknd but I can never make it to Jers.. I have a CAT now lol so I have to bring him everywhere.. He is so spoiled.. Anyway I ended up writing more than expected now I have to stay later to finish my work.. Youre so lucky I LOVE YOU.. Til we meet again.. XOXO.. Close
Fundraiser / WILMA WILLIAMMM (MOM)  Read >>
Hey Rita, we are having a Cabaret/Dance in your honor on November 17,2006, you don't know how much I wish you were going to be there. But we will rejoice in just knowing you are with the Lord. Please Rita, I really am trying to find out what happened, some days I feel I let you down, but believe I'm trying, sometimes I don't even know what else to do. I love you Babygirl, it's just too much sometimes, but everyone lately has been telling me they have been thinking about you so with that ,remember you will never be forgotten. Please look out for Lil Harry, he seems so confused sometimes. I have to go, I'm starting to cry a little, I love you dear daughter, remember a daughter's love last a lifetime, that goes for Sabrina's love also. Keep smiling down on us with that pretty smile, I must say so myself my daughter HAD IT GOING ON! Please Please Sherita help me to be strong, I feel like I'm falling apart too and I/We don't know what to do sometimes or how to live without you. (but you know how your crazy family was anyway), you were the strong one who kept us right. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, until we meet again, Love Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Close
SHERIFAH!!! / PINKY (Best Friends )  Read >>
SHERIFAH!!! / PINKY (Best Friends )

Hey BF..I am here at work doing a lot of thinking.. Times are really challenging and everyday I miss you more and more..Ive come a long way since that first night when I received the phone call..I still regret not being home the night you walked out of my life..If I was home I would of went with you like you asked so urgently (you were really bored) which would have prevented the whole chain of events that happened that night (whateva they may be)..You were always hard headed lol but I have forgiven you and I am now sure that you are in a better place (but again I want to remind you that I told you to stay in the crib that night and we would go get our eyebrows done the next day!!!) know if it was the other way around you would give me some serious lip..You know I hate feeling helpless,lonely,and afraid..Ever since you left us that is how Ive been feeling. What can I do? What should I do? Im sitting here listening to Tamia "Officially Missing You" reminds me of how much you loved this song..You were so excited when you took the CD from Cherie lol and in one day we memorized all the tracks..There is not a day that goes by that I dont talk about you..I find myself conversing with ppl and bringing you up as if you are still in the flesh.. Just chattin it up like yea my best friend and I did that or yea my best friend loved doing that when were little.. People are really shocked once they catch me in one of my moods and realize that my best friend is now my ANGEL..n I wouldnt ask for a better one.. LOVE U ALWAYS BF!! Til we meet again..Hold it down Boo!!

Missing you Rita!  / Candra Thomas (cousin)  Read >>
Missing you Rita!  / Candra Thomas (cousin)
Hey Rita,
Its me Candy. I miss you so much Rita. I get annoyed at the fact they cannot find who did this to you! I hate them you know what for doing this to you. I just can't understand WHY! You were never a bad person to anybody so who in there right mind would do something like this to you. I am very upset that I couldn't go to A.C to see you before you left us. I can remember you calling me while you were in AC asking why am I not there! Now I regret not being there! Man Rita tears still fill my eyes every now and then thinking about you. Why on earth did they take you from our family like this? What is the family supposed to do w/o you. Especially Beenah. Beenah misses you badly especially you yelling at her LOL! Remember when I was working at Joyce Leslie and we got all them clothes me you and Cheri. You really wanted that sweatsuit I got. Well I don't even wear it no more b/c I remember you wanted it! You was so happy b/c you got so many clothes for FREE! Well Rita I am at work and I finally got the website for your memorial so I will be talking to you again! I love you so much Rita!! Please if you can let out a sign or something to lead us to who did this to you! Please Rita! Once again I love you Cuz! Close
My Darling Daughter  / Wilma Williams (mothe)  Read >>
My Darling Daughter  / Wilma Williams (mothe)
Hey Rita, got some encourageing news from the prosecutors, at least we got something from them to know they are still working on your case. You are still and will always be missed by us in our home and outside the family. We all still miss you very much, you were the light of our house and now you are gone. We don't know what happened Sherita, but we know one thing justice will be served, the coward or cowards who took your beautiful life away will be caught, thus say the Lord "vengence is mine", so one way or the other they will pay.  Keep looking out for us and keeping us safe, you were always the one to be careful, that's why I can't figure this out, did someone call you, drive you away from our home, WHAT HAPPENED, please give us a sign. I just miss you Rita so much,  I still wake up every single night in a panic, and the first thought I have is what happened to Sherita, then I walk down the hall or downstairs, look around and go back to bed, not a good nights sleep since November 29, 2003 what a trip Rita. But continue to stay close to us, look out for me, Daddy, Sabrina and little Harry because we still need you very much. Love you forever and forever and forever, Your Mom. xoxoxoxoxo. Close
Sherita Boo  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )  Read >>
Sherita Boo  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )
I am stressin' girl....bad. Our girls pretty much all fell apart. I have been thinking about you so much. Having you around would make this a lot fact, I'm pretty sure you would have solved the problem before it got as bad as it did...all 7 of us are broken apart. I still talk to Baby Ash a lot, but never see her....that's not how it's supposed to be. We all miss you so much.....somedays are harder than others especially when I know you could have and would have led me to a solution. It's so hard for me to read your Mom's messages to you don't be offended that I am not hittin' you up everyday...I would, but it's hard. I have a big ass picture of you on my bookshelf're a such a beautiful person Rita...I miss you. Close
My Lovely Cousin, You are missed!  / Valerie Thomas (Cousin)  Read >>
My Lovely Cousin, You are missed!  / Valerie Thomas (Cousin)
Hi Rita... Its me, Tugg... I havent wrote on ya page yet. I dont even know where to begin. Man Rita, we are gonna find out who did this to you. I remember playin in the dirt road with you, playin in the woods, playin house, playin barbies.. and this is the best one... when we broke the window to the house behind Nana's house. Oh gosh! We were so I really miss you! I remember just sharing that one secret with you right before this happened to you! shhh.. don't tell anyone, and I promise I will do the same.. thats our little secret! I remember just talking to you on the phone the day before this happened to you. We were parnters in crime, favorite cousins (until CHERI came and took over, lol), best friends, i can go on forever! I miss you like crazy and I love you babygirl! Foreal! You will never ever leave my memory and I will one day be up there with you! We WILL see each other again! Trust and believe! Sherita, continue watching down on us and we will continue to find out who did this to you. We won't give up and whoever took you from us will suffer... I can just light that person on fire with nothing on and watch them burn ... thats how i feel right now! I would love to see them suffer in pain!!! and they will! I love you cuz~ and I will be back to write to you again! You're our Sunshine and that will never change! <3 <--this lil man right here will take care of that coldhearted person!
Love Always, 
Hey Girl!  / Amber Albright (Friend)  Read >>
Hey Girl!  / Amber Albright (Friend)

"Hey GIIIRL"! i still got that in my head from one of the last times we talked...i never really came on here to show u some love but i been thinkin about u alot lately. we might not have as many memories of some other people but the days we chilled and hung out, we always had a good ass time. you always had a smile on your face, your were always the center of the crowd. imma keep this short n sweet, just kno that im thinkin about u n i love u...

SHERITA SHERITA  / Wilma Williams (Mother)  Read >>
SHERITA SHERITA  / Wilma Williams (Mother)

Hey Rita, well it's been a while since i've been writing to you basicaly because Lil Harry is always on the computer. I miss you so much, so much has happened since you left but I put nothing ahead of finding out what happened to you. Don't think we are going to forget about you, NO WAY, as long as you are in my heart and mind there is no way I will ever forget about you. Sherita I just can't to this day know how in the world are you gone, I can't even believe in my mind you are gone forever, today I was thinking what happened, what cruel minded person or persons took my baby girl away from me forever, I can not believe it. Time is just passing along, almost 3 years, I wish I could make the time go back when you were with me, I still remember things you said to me before you died, remember the Sunday before and I went to church and you said, why didnt you take me, and I said because Ariel was over and I didn't want to wake you guys, I wish I had. I love you so much Sherita and I just don't know what to do without you some times, but I'm sure God will lead me in time. I love you I miss your voice, your hair, your face, your EVERYTHING, I just want you back here. Why did I only have you for only 16 years or 15 years and one month, Lords knows I miss you soo much, LOVE FOREVER MOMMY


i miss u  / Paige Chuplis (lil sis/ friend )  Read >>
i miss u  / Paige Chuplis (lil sis/ friend )
jus want to say i miss u and i love you rita baby Close
UR NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!  / Kendyl Williams (cuzin)  Read >>
UR NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!  / Kendyl Williams (cuzin)

As i looked at the messages i start 2 cry. she is a very special girl. i really did not know her like that but we communicated. she will never be 4 gotten.


no justice no peace!!!!

thinking / Erica Carrillo (good friends )  Read >>
thinking / Erica Carrillo (good friends )
dear rita where do i begin things are not the same since youleft. i still ask god everynight why did he take you away from everyone. i still dont understand how its alomsot going to be 3 yrs and they still dont know why and who did this. i tihnk about you alot. i wish we didnt grow apart. i think about all thememories i have you. like how we used to write in the books and then we would go in the alley way and burn them so that noone could read them lol. or the times we use try and bake or cook stuff lol. i guess i  really been thinking about you cuase my birthday coming up and you were always around for my brithday i will never for get my one birthday when you pinky and erica brought me that birthday cake lol it looked so nasty it was all messed up lol but it was good i have to say lol i miss your laugh so much i can be driving and sometimes i swore i hear your laugh i miss you coming down the street saying hey worm or bumping intoand we would talk for hours. rita i sorry that we grew  apart. rita  i will never forget you thank you for all the memories i love you and will never forget you Close
If I had just one wish, right now, it would be for you to be here with me. Sherita we had another march just like we had the last 3 years, I thought hardly know one would come because of the weather, but everyone starting to understand that you left us in the rain and everytime we have something for you it rains. (I know it you Rita), but the march was beautiful as i'm sure you were looking down on us saying looks at them, it's all for me. (smile). Sherita I got to meet my oldest brother whom I've never met before at the march, he's my dad's son, as a matter of fact looks just like Daddy and Uncle Bobby. It was truly a blessing meeting him and he bought down a lot of people from Asbury Park even a woman who lost her on child by the hands of someone else. But Rita I like meeting people who have lost their children and march for justice for their children, I will march until forever it's just something I (we) have to do. You were always there for me, you were the strong bond of the family and we all just miss you tremendously, whoever the coward who took you from us just doesn't know what they did, absolutely ruined our lives. No one should lose a child and especially to a violent nature, but I have and I ask God everyday to make me strong to go on, it's hard, it seems like I'm functioning but i'm really not. The minute daddy and I speak of you we start crying a little because the hurt is still there, time does not ease the pain. Well I'll right soon, remember mommy will not stop looking for your killer nor will anybody in the family, just keep us safe until we see you again. I will always love you and never forget you because the pain is in my heart. Love forever and forever MOM. Close
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