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Happy New Year  / WILMA WILLIAMS (MOM)  Read >>
Happy New Year  / WILMA WILLIAMS (MOM)
Happy New Year Sherita up in heaven, I miss you and love you dearly, Love Mommy Close
HAPPY NEW YEAR  / Erica Carrillo (good friends )  Read >>
HAPPY NEW YEAR  / Erica Carrillo (good friends )

i just wanna say happy new year rita i wish you were here with us i love and miss you so much you will never ever be forgotten. happy new year!!!!

Hi Sherita  / Wilma Williams (Mom)  Read >>
Hi Sherita  / Wilma Williams (Mom)
Just passing through, miss you so much, when I walk pass your bedroom I still say to myself I can't believe you are gone. Well Love Ya So Much!!! Mommy Close
Hey, Rita!  / Lil Tracy (Cousin)  Read >>
Hey, Rita!  / Lil Tracy (Cousin)
I've been thinking about you alot lately. Especially because its that time of they year - the holidays as well as your anniversary. We all miss you so much, Rita. I wrote a letter to Americas Most Wanted yesterday asking for their help. Hopefully they will come through for us.

We all love you so much....and miss you just the same. Close
3rd Anniversary of your passing  / Wilma WILLIAMS (Mom)  Read >>
3rd Anniversary of your passing  / Wilma WILLIAMS (Mom)

Well Sherita it's 3 years now since I have seen you and the time has come to us again on the anniversary of your death. Please keep us all safe and continue to look out for us as we must go on in this life until we see you again. We did another typing FOR YOU on Channel 3 this morning and hopefully someone will find it in their heart to help us find your killer. I pray all the time Rita for this to happen because I know you would want it this way. Well I love you dear daughter more than anyone will ever know. You, little Harry and Sabrina were gifts to me and no one has the right to take that away from me. I love all my children and you should be here to enjoy life with Sabrina and Little Harry. Well Goodby for now my love. MOMMY oxoxoxoxoxo

I Love You!  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
I Love You!  / Pinky (Best Friend )
Hey Best Friend. I tried to make it through the day but I could not do it. I got home by 5:15pm because that was the last time I talked to you before you passed that day. So, at 5:15 I put Beenah on hold and said a Prayer for you. I was content with the rest of my day after that. Thank you for being my Angel. Anyway, I have a lot of work to do so for now, toodles. Love ya Suga!! XOxo missin you and loving you. It still feels like yesterday! Close
missing you  / Erica Carrillo (good friends )  Read >>
missing you  / Erica Carrillo (good friends )
dear rita today is 3 years and i still cant (dont) wanna face the fact that your gone. i dont understand how someone could take away such a good person you were always there for your friends and family. you were so full of life and willing to help others you were always smiling. i miss you so much rita i wish i could change things and bring you back but i cant. i think about you all the time i think about all the fun times we use to have you could always put a smile on my face no matter what. you were like family to me shit you are family to me i will never ever ever forget you i wanna thank you for always being there for me and always puttting a smile on my face. i still ask god everynight why? i guess i will never understand why. it hurts so bad rita i miss you so much it huts to see your family and close friends suffering things shouldnt be like that you should be here with us. i know if you were here you would be doing so good you were so smart. i just wanna let you know i love and miss u so much. love always worm 

p.s. good night Close
Missing You  / Valerie Carter (Auntie/Godmother)  Read >>
Missing You  / Valerie Carter (Auntie/Godmother)
Hey Rita,

It's been 3 years since you've been gone  and there are still no answers.  I pray every night that the person(s) who MURDERED you will be caught.  I just want you to know that I miss  and love you and you are always in my heart.   Love you  Auntie Close
No more break..Back to work...  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
No more break..Back to work...  / Pinky (Best Friend )

Thanksgiving went well. I did not have the appetite to eat as much as I usually do. My family is doing well. I stayed until Saturday evening. Today is Kahlil's 1st Birthday! I don't know what is going on. I haven't talk to Nelle. I am at work and I was on my way to class, but one of my Corps members began singing "I'll be missing you" and I broke down crying. She felt really bad. I hate how weak I am but I just miss you soooo much. I wish I could be with Aunt Wilma tomorrow but unfortunately, I am working 8am-9pm. Please give me strength to accomplish all my task at work. Due to the load of work I have to complete tomorrow, I will not visit your site. I need to focus but that does not mean I will not be thinking of you. I hope you were happy with the turnout at the Cabaret. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, watch over us my angel. I love and miss you dearly. Best Friends 4eva.

Reachin out to Mom  / Granny To Angel Steven Turney   Read >>
Reachin out to Mom  / Granny To Angel Steven Turney
Wilma: I want to thank you for visiting our Stephen's site. Sometimes it helps a little to reach out to others. God bless you. I read it and my dauther called an said she read your words of kindness.( stephen's mom) I know it helped her. Tho we are strangers it helps to reach out to others. Your Sherita was a beatiful girl with a beatiful heart. I don't have the words to make you feel a lot better. But I hope knowing that our family is thinking of you helps. 
                                                             God bless you
                                                              Granny Close
Happy thanksgiving  / Paige Chuplis (lil sis )  Read >>
Happy thanksgiving  / Paige Chuplis (lil sis )
hey my love. how are you? i been ok tryin to stay focused and what not.. well today is thanksgiving and i wanna give thanks to you for always bein there and never givin up on me i love and i miss u so much! also thanks to ya fam if they read this. they have been a big help in my life and i consider them my family to. i love u and ya family!!!

paige Close
Happy Thanksgiving!  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )  Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving!  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )
Hey sweetie...I just thought about you. I can only imagine how the family is doing. I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I miss you babygirl...I have a lot to do today so I must go, I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you! I love u! Close
happy thanksgiving rita  / Erica Carrillo (good friends )  Read >>
happy thanksgiving rita  / Erica Carrillo (good friends )
i just want to say happy thanksgiving we miss you so much down here. you were the sunshine of alot of people lifes. you meant the world to so many. i wish i could change things and bring you back but i cant. i hate the fact that good things gotta happen to people who are good and caring and dont desreve to die its not right what happened to you. and i dont think i ever will understand why or how someone could do that  to you. i miss you so much. watch over your family and close friends they need you. have a wonderful thanksgiving i miss you love you. you will forever live on in my heart rita r.i.p. 

love always worm Close
Cabaret / Dance - 11-17-06  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)  Read >>
Cabaret / Dance - 11-17-06  / Vicky Thomas (Aunt)
To All Sherita's Friends -- there will be a cabaret / dance on 11/17/06 at the FOP Hall, Federal St., Camden.  Contact Ms. Wilma (856-486-4969)for tickets.  Come & celebrate Shjerita's 3rd year anniversary of her passing.   This event is sponsored by the Sherita M. Williams Memorial Scholarship Committee. Close
Just Thinking About You  / Valerie Carter (Auntie)  Read >>
Just Thinking About You  / Valerie Carter (Auntie)
Hey Rita,

I was thinking about you this morning so I decided to write you a note.  I miss you so much.  Yesterday was Cheri birthday and of course you know it was your Moms.  The last time I saw you was 3 years ago on there birthday in Atlantic City.  We had so much fun.  Remember you kept telling me not to put anymore money into the machine.  Did I listen NO.  I lost it all (LOL).

Well my angel I have to go now but I'll write you soon.

Love you and miss you.  Auntie Close
Hey girl  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )  Read >>
Hey girl  / Karla Bierbach (Good Friend )
So I am talking about you, as we speak, to a good friend of mine. She doesn't know you and you don't know her, but it made me realize that I need to come holla at you lol. I miss you Rita, a lot. There is just always some drama going down...and you're not here to help me fix it. Our friends that we used to keep in line aren't the same...but I'm trying. I just wanted to stop and say hi and that I miss and love you! Close
Hi Sherita, I hate November it's always been so depressing to me. my mom died in November, my mom's birthday is in November and you died in November, it's my birthday month but it's the saddest month of the year for me. Help me to be strong, I cried for you on Halloween because you loved all holidays, remember you use to take other peoples children around, you were so kind and big hearted, it hurts me that you left so young, I guess I'll understand one day but not today. I put out more fliers for the reward but I went alone to different areas of Camden, hopefully someone will call. I just miss you and wanted to write to you today, WHY SHERITA, ARE YOU GONE FROM ME? Well stay close in spirit to me, I love you with all my heart, a daughter's love is so special. Love You Mommy. Close
Hi Rita  / Wilma Williams (mom)  Read >>
Hi Rita  / Wilma Williams (mom)
I'm talking to Aunt Vicky on the phone, and we are planning for the Dance in your honor, we are having raffles, a singer, music, special gifts and your pictures all around the place, Just look over us and we know you will be there in spirit. Keep us in prayer as we will donate towards a scholarship in your memory. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RITA, this is a dance because you like to see everyone happy and having a good time even if its just for a moment. Plus it's in honor of your 3rd Year of Passing away. You know Rita whenever we have something for you, people always start being negative, but that aint nothing but the devil in them. Luv Ya Mommy Close
What happen to my mask..  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
What happen to my mask..  / Pinky (Best Friend )
Hey sis..Today is a very bad day. I can not remember the last time I was truly happy..Work is going rather well. Our families are not perfect but they are still making it so what is wrong with me? I use to be able to play this role of a happy person but now the mask is gone. Rita I am being pressured from every corner and I have no escape. I feel trapped and in too deep. One little mistake can ruin all I have worked so hard to become and I am afraid it already has happen and I'm too clueless to realize. What am I doing with myself?? I am pushing people away even more and the pain that overcomes me is something I can only recall feeling the day you left me.. Let me try to end this positively by saying I promise no matter what to never give up. Never give up on myself, you, or my faith. I love you and miss you soo much BF.. I still refuse to believe it has been three years.. When am I going to be at peace? Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Tracy (Cousin)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Tracy (Cousin)
Hey, Rita....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I am a day late (and a dollar short) but I didn't get to the computer untiil today. 

Wow, 19 years old...time sure flies. I remember when you were a baby and you would crawl around your parents living room and start at yourself in the happy I still have those memories.

Still missing you and thinking about you EVERYDAY! Please know that we all miss you and love you. Continue to look over your family and bless with your spirit.

I love you forever!!

Your cousin, Lil Tracy
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