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HAPPY HOLIDAYS  / Wilma Williams (MOM)  Read >>
HAPPY HOLIDAYS  / Wilma Williams (MOM)
Merry Christmas and Happy Bew Year🌲😔❤💓💕 I miss you oh so much, Love You Forever Mommy💐💐💐 Close
Touched by Sherita's case  / NeNe Campbell (N/A)  Read >>
Touched by Sherita's case  / NeNe Campbell (N/A)
Please forgive me, I meant to state I can't imagine the pain the family is enduring. Again God bless. I will continue to pray for you all and keep the family in my thoughts. Close
Touched by Sherita's case  / NeNe Campbell (N/A)  Read >>
Touched by Sherita's case  / NeNe Campbell (N/A)
I was just watching the ID story on Sherita. Her story touches me. She is such a beautiful girl (she is definitely her father's twin) I can't imagine the pain the family continues to enjoy. And for the pervert to only get 20 years!!! I just want to say to the family to keep God first and pray to Him when times get difficult...May God bless you all Close
Prayers / Robin Fisher   Read >>
Prayers / Robin Fisher
Praying for strength and comfort and healing for the family...RIP Lil lady Close
Can you believe it!?  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
Can you believe it!?  / Pinky (Best Friend )
Hi my love, things have been beyond crazy but more to add to my story I suppose. I know you are not shocked that I just made it through that hell the last year because you always told me I was strong. Whenever I doubted myself (which was/is often) you reminded me that I’m unstoppable. You came along with me in this journey too and I could not have done it without you. I miss you so much every second. So her name is Liv. The name is fitting and very close to my heart within the circumstances. Lord knows it was questionable at times. Liv is amazing and will know you the same as LoLo does. I play your dvd for her already and sing all our songs. Life begins again and back to myself. I know you think I’m crazy but sahm is not in my life plan haha. Love you beyond words best friend.... always always. Thanks for never doubting me. Close
Hello Sunshine  / Ashley Doyle Mendez (Very close friend )  Read >>
Hello Sunshine  / Ashley Doyle Mendez (Very close friend )
Hi Princess, Just thinking about you. I do everyday. Haven't been on this site for a very long time. I'm so sorry. I'm not really good with my words : / As you know.. I Wanted to tell you that a new crime show connected me a few days ago.( On the case with Paula Zahn. It's a dateline ID show channel 111 on Comcast.. To do a show about you. They also were trying to locate pinky. but I told them I haven't heard or seen her since your passing. But, I did let them know her real name so they can find her. Anywayz, I agreed to help. I suggested that Ariel should be doing it. Everyone knows that was your Best Friend/ more like Sisters. You two were 2 peas in a pod. lol..Silly butts. Always cracking up. God, I miss you so much Rita . When I talk to the producer's on Monday again. I'm gonna ask if she can do it or can she do it with me. Anyway I can help. I'll do it for you!! I just honesty know you would want her there for sure. I know, they did a show a few years back. (Nightmare next door.) But, this show is gonna be like real interviews and show actual pictures of you. I called your momma and told her that I need to find good pictures of you. Cause you would kill me if I put a bad one up lol.. I gotch you boo. Your beautiful in all the pictures. Love you angel Always & Forever.. Thank you for always being such a great friend to me we really had a wonderful time! Xoxo ♡☆♡ Close
Guidance and Strength  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
Guidance and Strength  / Pinky (Best Friend )
Best friend today I cry out to you for strength. I need to hear good news about all of this. Please continue to be my rock and hold my hand. This day could become something positive instead of the day my life ended with yours. If I receive good news this day will become a day of new life and peace. Crazy how the universe works but I only hope it is to make this day easier for me to emotionally deal with for years to come. I just wish I still had my best friend. Love you Always Always. 31 coming soon and you know I'll make you proud. My everyday. My everything. Close
Dirty 30... fine and free  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
Dirty 30... fine and free  / Pinky (Best Friend )
Sherifah I can't believe 30 is here. I'm up currently at 4:36am on your 30th birthday just thinking. I wish so bad to have you back.It still feels the same. People could only wish to have the bond we had in life. Something that people take for granted everday. I cherished us and in spirit I have continued to live for you. All I can say over and over is Happy Birthday! Your born day truly impacted my life in every way. Hope you are smiling up there with my Dad and Tricia. Rita thank you for never leaving me. I feel you every single day. My beautiful Best friend.... you are free. Happy Birthday to the Queen. Love you forever Always Always <3 Close
This week  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
This week  / Pinky (Best Friend )
I don't know what it is but your presence is so strong. I even just wrote your name instead of my own which even when I am an emotional wreck I've never done, lol. Whatever the reason just know that I need it. Thank you for always being here for me and watching over Loren. I catch her talking to you sometimes and she loves hearing our stories. This week has been tough but I know I'm not alone. What a journey it has been. Hope I am making you proud. Love you Always Always. Close
Miss you  / WILMA Williams (Mom)  Read >>
Miss you  / WILMA Williams (Mom)
I just miss you so hasn't been the same since you left us.Love you with all of my heart Sherita!!! Close
love you sherita  / Loren Lolo (mommy)  Read >>
love you sherita  / Loren Lolo (mommy)
hi its me again i wish i can see you. love your best friends little girl Close
I know I would have loved meeting you  / Loren LOLO (Mommy)  Read >>
I know I would have loved meeting you  / Loren LOLO (Mommy)
i would loved you so much. love pinkys daughter Close
"Wish you were here" ♡♡♡  / Ashley Mendez Doyle (<3 <3 <3 )  Read >>
"Wish you were here" ♡♡♡  / Ashley Mendez Doyle (<3 <3 <3 )
Thinking about you so much!!! I can't comprehend why this happened to you. I never will.. Soooo many people love you Rita, so many :-) I'll miss you every day for the Rest of My life ☆♡☆ Close
Another Yr  / Pinky (Best Friend )  Read >>
Another Yr  / Pinky (Best Friend )
Rainy day..blah but we always knew how to make the best of it regardless! Happy Birthday my Darling, I wonder what we would have done this year but I'll be sure to do an honor to your memory per usual. Please continue to stay with me as I need you more than ever.. Wearing your pin proudly today. Give me strength. Love you forever and a day. Close
love u rita  / Daedae Legrand (cousin)  Read >>
love u rita  / Daedae Legrand (cousin)
Just up thinking about you Rita..we love u n we miss you..not a day goes by I don't think about u..u did nothing but make us laugh and give us more n more reasons to love you..not only are u my cousin but u are like a sister to me..I just wanted to tell u I love you cous and I miss you soon much continue lookin over us as a family..WE LOVE YOU RITA 🙏 SUNSHINE☀ Close
Merry Christmas  / Wilma Williams   Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Wilma Williams
What's missing.. you are..please continue to be our Angel Mommy..Daddy.. Sabrina And Little Harry Love And Miss You So Much!!!!! Close
Happy Thanksgiving  / Wilma Williams (Mom)  Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Wilma Williams (Mom)
Happy Thanksgiving my Love...Missing you so much...Tears flow as I wish you were here with me Dad..Sabrina and Lil Harry..My hearts hurts for you..I LOVE YOU MY SWEET CHILD..MOMMY Close
Wishing You Peace and Love! God Bless You!  / S. D. Meinhardt (None)  Read >>
Wishing You Peace and Love! God Bless You!  / S. D. Meinhardt (None)

Dear Wilma, I am just seeing the story about Sherita today. I do not watch much TV since my husband passed away 10 yrs. now but it feels like yesterday, and the same with my sweet Mother who died at 38 yrs. old (I was just 15), and my dear brother, who died alone in his sleep in another state and he was a minister so I do know how you feel to miss your love 1 who has been so close to you, but I am sure it has been an added burden for you because of the way Sherita was taken away.  But know this Wilma, people are used to saying that we "loss" someone and you did not lose Sherita because you know where she is. She is at the right hand with Our Lord and Savior and I know that as I know about my loved ones because I read that your family has returned to church and you were sure that makes Sherita happy.  So I know she is not in any pain because of the promises God has made to us.  She's playing her music and singing and dancing and she is well and she is looking over all of you because she is in her new gloried body. Even though I got angry when I saw the person responsible for what happened to Sherita, from everything I have read from you, her family and friends, I got a glimpse into her spirit and I know she probably has forgiven that person.  My husband was retired Army and a Correctional Officer, as your husband was also a CO, so my prayer for you is that Sherita stay in your hearts as I am sure she is, but do not give this person another thought, other than to attend his parole and try to keep him inside where he belongs because I agree when I heard her father say, they give people who use drugs longer sentences than they give a murderer and that I feel should be changed!  My prayers are with you, Wilma, as with the rest of your family and Sherita's friends and I pray nothing but peace, love, and happiness in your lives!                                   2“In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. 3“If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also. 4“And you know the way where I am going.” 5Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?” 6Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.   John 14:2-6 NIV

my condolences  / Anthony Vazquez (none)  Read >>
my condolences  / Anthony Vazquez (none)
Just finish watching the story on investigation discovery channel and it always sadden my heart when a child gets taken away like that. I have a 23 yr. Old daughter,and can't imagine of something like that would happen, I'm very sorry for your loss, and God bless her in heaven, and you here on earth Close
Hold On Tighter  / Pinky (BEST FRIEND )  Read >>
Hold On Tighter  / Pinky (BEST FRIEND )

You took a piece of me with you that I can never recreate. That piece can not be mended or reassembled, but in that piece, is my true happiness. I can't recall ever being fully happy but I know I was most happiest with you Rita. Having the piece back would indeed ease much stress, but I never want you to part with it. If ever you look upon me and see that I am at my lowest point, don't wish the piece back to me but rather just hold on tighter.... hold on and never let go.

I will never trade in our memories to ease the pain

Keep me with you forever for I have and will do the same of you


Living for the both of us <3


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