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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Sherita M. Williams who was born October 1, 1987 in Pennsauken, New Jersey.. Sherita was the middle child of Harry and Wilma Williams. Sherita has one older sister Sabrina and One younger Brother Harry. Sherita was taken from us on November 28, 2003 at the age of 16. We her family and friends will continue to remember our Beloved Sherita for always and forever. We invite anyone who wishes to write on her site to please do so.


The Williams' Family would like to Thank all of those who continue to write on Sherita's site and for your many prayers you have sent our way. 

A former classmate of Sherita's was charged with her murder. I will not disclose his name on her wedsite because he is unworthy of it. However please continue to pray for us as we go through the next phases of this situation.



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Tributes and Condolences
Miss you   / WILMA Williams (Mom)
I just miss you so hasn't been the same since you left us.Love you with all of my heart Sherita!!!
love you sherita   / Loren Lolo (mommy)
hi its me again i wish i can see you. love your best friends little girl
I know I would have loved meeting you   / Loren LOLO (Mommy)
i would loved you so much. love pinkys daughter
"Wish you were here" ♡♡♡   / Ashley Mendez Doyle (<3 <3 <3 )
Thinking about you so much!!! I can't comprehend why this happened to you. I never will.. Soooo many people love you Rita, so many :-) I'll miss you every day for the Rest of My life ☆♡☆
Another Yr   / Pinky (Best Friend )
Rainy day..blah but we always knew how to make the best of it regardless! Happy Birthday my Darling, I wonder what we would have done this year but I'll be sure to do an honor to your memory per usual. Please continue to stay with me as I need you mo...  Continue >>
love u rita  / Daedae Legrand (cousin)    Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Wilma Williams     Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Wilma Williams (Mom)    Read >>
Wishing You Peace and Love! God Bless You!  / S. D. Meinhardt (None)    Read >>
my condolences  / Anthony Vazquez (none)    Read >>
Hold On Tighter  / Pinky (BEST FRIEND )    Read >>
Missing you  / Wilma Williams (Mom)    Read >>
Thank you for all the kind words!  / Pinky (BEST FRIEND )    Read >>
My condolences  / Joe Goeke (none)    Read >>
with deep sympathy  / Princess Dorsey (saw her story ID channel )    Read >>
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Her legacy
"Sherita will never be forgotten"  

Sherita was the middle child of Harry and Wilma Williams. She left behind a loving brother Harry and Sister Sabrina. She will always live in our hearts because she was such a loving and caring child. We remember when we use to keep our handicapped nephew she would say Mom, when you get to old to care for JJ I will take care of him. That's just the kind of child she was. She was always willing to help out.

Also Sherita was the strength of our family, she was the middle child who liked to keep things clean (especially her bedroom) and charished her family. She was the one we all looked up to even though she was the middle child.

The day Sherita left our home to get her eyebrows done was the last time any of us seen her alive. Our hearts broke in half to loose her.

But God had other plans for Sherita, plans we may never understand but we all know when we go up to yonder, Sherita will be there smiling and accepting us and we will all be together again.

Sherita was so much loved and admired.


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